Lighthouse Baptist Brings a Spiritual Awakening to the East Bay


Lighthouse Baptist Brings a Spiritual Awakening to the East Bay

Ten years from now, if Time Magazine did a lead article on our church, this is what we would want the cover headline to say. I believe God can and desires to bring such an awakening to our area. How can this happen? How can we be used to help bring this to pass?

It starts by us focusing upon and constantly working our purposes. We purpose to:

Inspire people to developer a heart for God

  • Through personal evangelism and soul winning

  • By bringing the lost and backslidden into our evangelistic and uplifting church services.

  • By using heart stirring, and God honoring music to warm the heart and focus minds on the Lord.

  • By being part of the local visible church body that expresses the joy of salvation through a personal daily walk with Christ

Include them in the Lighthouse Baptist Church family

  • See those saved follow the Lord in believer’s baptism and join the church

  • Plug them into our small group Adult Bible Studies and Care Groups

Instruct them in Bible doctrine

  • Through strong and doctrinally sound Bible preaching

  • Helping them be faithful in attending an appropriate Adult Bible Class

  • Enroll them in our Multiplying Disciples – Discipleship program.

Involve them in the work of the ministry

  • Help them identify their gifts and talents and find a place of service to the Lord through our “Every Saint a Servant” (ESS) program.

Each one of us can be part of bringing this Spiritual Awakening in the East Bay.  Will you join us?

Check us out at


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