Why I Will Begin to Blog

blog pic

Why devote time and energy to blogging?  Here are a few of the “short answers” on why blog.

Casting Vision

  •   There is simply not sufficient time during the regular church services to adequately promote our God given vision to the extent that all members catch the vision of “Bringing a Spiritual Awakening to the East Bay“. By regularly blogging about our vision, I pray we will be stirred by the Spirit to own the vision God has shown us and give ourselves to it.

Communicating with my people

  • Our folks are on-line much of the time. It behoves us to use the technology and lifestyle to make their time on line more profitable.
  • Provide vehicles for training. Areas for Biblical training will include marriage building, child discipline, ministry helps, etc.

Promoting Soul Winning

  • Keeping the main thing the main thing is a constant focus and work.  We need to be reminded regularly to keep the Gospel light shining from the Lighthouse!
Inspiring People to Develop a Heart for God
  • Posting sermon notes, illustrations, and quotes from great men and women of God will help keep our hearts soft before the Lord.
  • To offer to people insights and spiritual helps that they would not get from my sermons, essentially acting as a fireside chat, or a “Time with the Pastor”.


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