How To Have A Blessed Vacation

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Leave with God’s blessing – not His money

Be sure you give your tithe and offerings before you go. Set it aside for giving when you return if you get paid while you are gone.  Acceptable storehouse tithing does not include the Disney Corporation or Holiday Inn.

Leave with your ministry well covered

Make sure all in leadership know when you are going to be gone.  Let them know as soon as your vacation is scheduled. Remind them two weeks before and then again just before you go.

Be sure they know when you will resume your duties.  Communicate, communicate, and communicate.

Leave with a spiritual agenda included in your trip

Pick a well know church you and your family have heard about and put it on your itinerary. Make visiting new churches an “exciting” part of the vacation discussion and planning. Look online for churches in the areas where you will be during “church time”.

Do not miss a service while on the road.  Find out the times of the services before you arrive. Some churches have their midweek service on Thursday.  

Plan some special devotions for the vacation. Look for special places to pray together on the trip.

Leave prayed up

Pray about your vacation.  Pray about the timing and destination. There may be some special days or events in your church that needs your presence or service.  There may be a special place God wants you to go on vacation. 

Pray with your family for God’s blessings the week before. Pray in the car before you pull out of the driveway.  Pray along the trip for safety.

Thank God out loud for the wonders of His world, Pray thanking Him for the time you had when you return before you get out of the car.

Leave committed to remaining holy, separated, and clean

Be careful not to change your standards while on vacation.  If it is wrong at home, it is wrong on the road.  God sees what you do and so do your kids. Be a Christian on vacation!

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How To Find A Church


Here are five things to “B” focused on when seeking a church

The Book

By that I mean of course, the Bible.

  • The doctrines of the church must be true and clear. No compromise or soft peddling of Bible truths can be accepted.

  • They need to be KJV people (King James Version). That means the KJV is used for all materials, sermon texts, and promotions.

  • They need to have the Bible as their sole authority for faith and practice.  And on top of that, they “practice it”.

The Body

The church body (members) should support the things taught and practiced.  They should be involved in the work of the church and manifest all the characteristics of the Christian as delineated in the Bible.  Be careful though, no church is perfect and no church has perfect members.  If you find one that is perfect, leave it as fast as you can before you break it!

The Business

The main thrust (or one of the main thrusts) should be the winning of souls to Christ. That is the business of the church.

The Blood

There should be regular references to the blood of Christ in sermon and song.

The Beat

The music should be God honoring and not a knock off of the world’s music. It should not be Rock and Roll in flavor.  The worship service should not have the flavor of just a concert.

The church music should be uplifting and God glorifying.

These items listed about should apply to every service of the church.

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